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Sue Mellen

The Cape Cod Times

August 3, 2023

"Goodwin's beautiful and often-soaring voice is especially impressive, inspiring applause and cheers from the audience."


Joanne Briana-Gartner

The Falmouth Enterprise

August 1, 2023

"It was lovely to see Ms. Goodwin, who has had severable notable secondary roles this season, in the lead role of Elsie; her voice and mannerisms were perfect for the part."


John P. Desmond

The Falmouth Enterprise

July 19th, 2022

"Also due accolades is Caroline Goodwin playing Valencienne, the Baron's wife who dallies with Camille, played by Orlando Montalvo. Singing scenes with the two included "A Highly Respectable Wife," in which they both demonstrated impressive opera-style singing chops."


Stephanie Salter

The Tribune Star

December 7, 2022

"Her sights are rightly set on an opera career — the Handel alone proved she has those chops — and yet she displayed a broad range of vocal styles throughout the evening, equally at ease in the genres of Broadway, jazz and even blue grass."


Stephanie Salter

The Tribune Star

December 8, 2021

"Like so many comic arias, the Laughing Song is delightful and funny – and hard as all get-out to execute. Putting it over requires serious vocal chops and considerable acting ability. Goodwin has both in abundance. Her pure, lyrical sound is made for Mozart, Puccini and every soprano role the great, just-departed Stephen Sondheim ever wrote for Broadway."

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